WebVR Ads in Barista Express

One of our first blog posts ad­dressed the “Chick­en and Egg” prob­lem that a VR brows­er games plat­form would in­evitably have. If there are no users, there won’t be any de­vel­op­ers in­ter­est­ed in mak­ing VR games for the web, but if there aren’t any games, no users will gath­er to play them.

The Ocu­lus Quest and their brows­er solved the ac­cess side of the equa­tion: the Brows­er is amongst the most pop­u­lar apps on the brows­er, “on Quest over two thirds of peo­ple use Ocu­lus Brows­er”.

De­vel­op­ers now have an au­di­ence, but for many there is still ad­di­tion­al in­cen­tive miss­ing. This in­cen­tive we hope to pro­vide with fi­nan­cial vi­a­bil­i­ty of VR brows­er games in the fu­ture.

To­day we launched the first We­b­VR-tai­lored ads in Barista Ex­press.

Can you make a living from WebVR Ads?

We hope soon! Won­der­leap, Ada and Con­struct Ar­cade are still pi­o­neer­ing the tech­nol­o­gy to make it ready for use by a larg­er de­vel­op­er au­di­ence.

How do I serve ads on my game?

For now, sub­scribe to the Won­der­leap News­let­ter and the Con­struct Ar­cade News­let­ter. Won­der­leap will con­tact you for ear­ly ac­cess once they are ready to take the next leap.

They are mak­ing their ser­vice as sim­ple as pos­si­ble to in­te­grate with ex­ist­ing frame­works by pro­vid­ing an A-Frame com­po­nent for ex­am­ple. Doc­u­men­ta­tion is com­ing soon.

How can I advertise in WebVR?

If you are in­ter­est­ed in hav­ing ads served in We­b­VR, reach out to them via their Con­tact Form.

For our existing Players

This is a big step for VR brows­er games and we un­der­stand if some of you meet it with con­cern. You might en­vi­sion a sce­nario like on the free-to-play mo­bile mar­ket where ads some­times in­trude the game­play ex­pe­ri­ence heav­i­ly.

You will no­tice that the Ad in Barista Ex­press is con­scious­ly placed in a way to make it vis­i­ble, but with­out hin­der­ing the ex­pe­ri­ence. You will not ac­ci­den­tal­ly click it nor will it block your vi­sion or hin­der any of the game­play.

Won­der­leap specif­i­cal­ly serve We­b­VR Ads, which means they are tack­ling the prob­lems that are spe­cial to VR, but al­so see the op­por­tu­ni­ties of ads that nei­ther in­trude nor in­ter­rupt your ex­pe­ri­ence.

Un­like TV or clas­sic games, in VR it is pos­si­ble for an ad to live along­side the con­tent that you are ex­pe­ri­enc­ing. Just like in the re­al world: phys­i­cal ads like posters and bill­boards do not get in the way of our lives.

Screenshot of Ada advertisement being served in Barista Express.

In case this does not ful­ly con­vince you al­ready, you might un­der­stand how a fi­nan­cial in­cen­tive can sup­port de­vel­op­ment of new games in the VR brows­er games space and how this will in the long term bring a sim­ple up­side for you al­so: more and bet­ter VR brows­er games.


Not too long ago, Eli­jah con­tact­ed us, pitch­ing us their idea to serve We­b­VR-tai­lored ads. Since then so much work has gone in­to mak­ing this a re­al­i­ty on their side. It is great to see some­one push the VR brows­er games in­dus­try like this.

Please do reach out to us on twit­ter via @Con­struc­tAr­cade and @Won­der­Leap. We would love to read your feed­back.

Have a fan­tas­tic day, Jonathan from Con­struct Ar­cade