Site Updates – Login, VR API Compatibility and More!

We added a cou­ple of fea­tures and im­prove­ments to Con­struct Ar­cade in the past weeks. Here is an over­view of what changed:

Blog Readability

With the re­lease of our first longer blog post Pal­ette Mesh Op­ti­miza­tion came a greater need for read­abil­i­ty. With im­proved font size, line height and para­graph in­dent, you are now read­ing more eas­i­ly.

VR Mode Preview

Did you know Con­struct Ar­cade has a VR mode? It is in pre­view ev­er since it was an­nounced on the blog. Since that blog post is now bur­ried be­neath many oth­ers, the pre­view is now ac­ces­si­ble from the main game list. It shows the four games which are known to work best on the Ocu­lus GO.


Con­struct Ar­cade it­self us­es the Con­struct Ar­cade Fo­rums ac­counts for play­er lo­gins aswell—you use the same ac­count to sub­mit high­scores in QUAK for ex­am­ple.

As this con­nec­tion was not triv­ial to un­der­stand, we added the abil­i­ty to log in to the ac­count and dis­play your pro­file pic­ture at the top right of the Con­struct Ar­cade web­site aswell.

WebVR Compatibility

With the lastest changes in browsers, a lot of ex­ist­ing We­b­VR and We­bXR based ex­pe­ri­ences broke and ei­ther didn’t load at all or weren’t able to en­ter VR. Con­struct Ar­cade now adds a lay­er of javascript that al­lows games to con­tin­ue to run with­out the need to up­date them.

If you have a We­b­VR or We­bXR game ly­ing around that is now bro­ken be­cause of API changes, we are hap­py and ea­ger to fix it for you! Please con­tact us via email or sub­mit the game through the pub­lish­ing form

The Future

A bro­ken game is a bad ex­pe­ri­ence, hence we are com­mit­ting to fix­ing ex­ist­ing games on the plat­form where pos­si­ble. As there will be more and more games out on the web that no longer work, we will try to con­tact as many of the de­vel­op­ers as pos­si­ble to get their games run­ning on Con­struct Ar­cade.

Have a fan­tas­tic day, Jonathan from Con­struct Ar­cade