Site Updates – Barista Express

If you have come in­to poses­sion of an Ocu­lus Quest and hap­pened to click on the brows­er app, you will have no­ticed that “Barista Ex­press” is with­in the fea­tured games sec­tion.

We are su­per thrilled that Barista Ex­press is able to in­tro­duce peo­ple to Con­struct Ar­cade this way which al­lows us to raise aware­ness for our oth­er games as well.

Future Earlier

The VR Mode is a cen­ter­pice of our vi­sion for Con­struct Ar­cade, as it en­ables a con­sis­tent ex­pe­ri­ence with­out switch­ing in and out of VR. De­spite of this, we knew, we had to pick peo­ple up in a world they knew, and go down the Rab­bit Hole with them.

I dis­tinct­ly re­mem­ber that VR-on­ly web­sites were con­fus­ing and off-putting to my­self just a year ago which lead us to start off with a clas­sic web­site and add the VR mode lat­er.

But just 9 months af­ter launch of Con­struct Ar­cade, peo­ple come to our site al­ready in VR where now switch­ing out caus­es wait­ing and fric­tion. So an­noy­ing, when you ac­tu­al­ly want to be play­ing a game!

Ocu­lus Quest is such a fric­tion­less ex­pe­ri­ence. It feels per­fect for small VR brows­er ex­pe­ri­ences, where Desk­top head­sets of­ten re­quire set­up that to make it worth it, should be for longer sit­tings/stand­ings. In the spir­it of fric­tion­less, VR brows­er games do not need to be down­load­ed or in­stalled which fit beau­ti­ful­ly in the en­tire scheme.

And even for de­vel­op­ers, brows­er games mean less fric­tion: small load­ing times, lean frame­works, fast de­ploy­ment, less cu­ra­tion, eas­i­er mul­ti-de­vice sup­port and eas­i­er to show off.

Return to Construct Arcade

To im­prove fric­tion be­tween play­ing dif­fer­ent games, we start­ed to make a cou­ple of changes:

More of our games are get­ting “Ex­it but­tons” to re­turn to the Con­struct Ar­cade VR mode. The VR mode is now gen­er­al­ly more prom­i­nent and we are work­ing on fea­tur­ing all games there. This trend will like­ly con­tin­ue, as we make the back­stage changes to al­low more seam­less tran­si­tions from one game to the next.

Barista Express

Your fa­vorite barista sim­u­la­tion VR brows­er game is re­ceiv­ing some love: It al­ready had an ex­it but­ton! But that was con­fus­ing, as “ex­it” could mean “ex­it VR” and we are cer­tain that most peo­ple just clicked on it by ac­ci­dent and prob­a­bly were very con­fused when they land­ed in our VR mode.

We made sure peo­ple now know where they are go­ing.

Fi­nal­ly, we made some im­prove­ments to the in­ter­ac­tion, as es­pe­cial­ly pick­ing out the cof­fee fil­ters from the grinder was in­fu­ri­at­ing­ly dif­fi­cult. The per­for­mance im­prove­ments we made are not quite suf­fi­cient yet, ex­pect the ex­pe­ri­ence to run even bet­ter soon.


To all of our vis­i­tors over the past weeks, thank you for stop­ping by and try­ing out Barista Ex­press and maybe even went to play more games. We’d love to see you come back lat­er to check out the im­proved ver­sion of the game, aswell as oth­er games!

So please go and fol­low us on Twit­ter, Face­book and In­sta­gram.

Have a fan­tas­tic day, Jonathan from Con­struct Ar­cade