Merry X-Mas!

Mer­ry X-Mas to all of you!

Flo­ri­an has a present for you: Wack-A-Mole with Ar­madil­los wear­ing san­ta hats in VR:

Al­so, we are very hap­py that Jorge Fuentes let us host his game “halloVReen”, so you can now play it on Con­struct Ar­cade, too! Even though the Hal­loween sea­son has past, it is still su­per fun to play:

En­joy your hol­i­days!

Jonathan from Con­struct Ar­cade

Open Source

The game was cre­at­ed with A-Frame and Blender. Flo­ri­an pub­lished the source to Github: Srile/Wackar­ma­did­dle