Maze Challenge

We are re­leas­ing our lat­est game to­day!

This time, we have a rather dif­fi­cult game for you. It’s def­i­nite­ly not very like­ly that you will be able to com­plete it on your first try. Good luck!

If you have an HMD with a con­troller, you can al­so play it with the con­troller’s ro­ta­tion by press­ing a but­ton be­fore you gaze at “start”.

As al­ways, feed­back on the game would be amaz­ing. Make sure to mark your time if you fin­ish the game! I hope you en­joy the game!

See you next time,

Flo­ri­an from Con­struct Ar­cade

Open Source

The game was cre­at­ed with A-Frame and Blender. I pub­lished the source to Github: Srile/AFrameMazeGame