Update for Iron || Rails

Our lat­est re­lease Iron || Rails has been go­ing strong and to sup­port it, we have de­cid­ed to re­lease an up­date for it. It con­tains mul­ti­ple en­hance­ments.

First off, there were some bugs in the code that made the game log­ic un­pre­dictable. For ex­am­ple there was a check if the game was over ev­ery 3.5 sec­onds. This should have been trig­gered af­ter a con­di­tion was met. This lead to un­in­tend­ed be­hav­ior, such as be­ing able to shoot an en­e­my af­ter los­ing.

Be­sides that, there had been mo­ments in game­play, where there were more smoother tran­si­tions need­ed. A fade-out (and fade-in) to black ef­fect was cre­at­ed when the game round end­ed. In ad­di­tion to that, the mu­sic is al­so fad­ed in-be­tween game rounds. These changes lead to a much smoother menu ex­pe­ri­ence and we hope you en­joy these sub­tle changes.

Oh, the game’s lo­go is al­so vis­i­ble the game now! Al­so with an im­proved thumb­nail, this ad­di­tion re­al­ly makes the whole ex­pe­ri­ence com­plete. Thank you Falk from Vhite Rab­bit for cre­at­ing the lo­go. He has al­so cre­at­ed the in­cred­i­bly beau­ti­ful Lo­gos for Con­struct Ar­cade and Barista Ex­press in the past.

Ads in the station

Screenshot of advertisement being served in Iron || Rails.

The game now be­gins in front of a train sta­tion, from which the play­er rides off in the cart af­ter fir­ing a shot. To­geth­er with our part­ners at Won­der­leap, we have added ads to the sta­tion. Be­fore you start a round, you can see an ad space on your right (and can click on it).

Our rea­son­ing be­hind putting ads in our games is to make the We­bXR ecosys­tem more lu­cra­tive for game de­vel­op­ers and to pave way for a Con­struct Ar­cade, where peo­ple can up­load their amaz­ing cre­ations and make a liv­ing with them.

We hope to sup­port more de­vel­op­ers with an ad based rev­enue mod­el on our site in the fu­ture and want to in­spire new de­vel­op­ers to cre­ate more in­ter­est­ing We­bXR con­tent.

Check out our changes for Iron || Rails:

Thanks for read­ing,

Flo­ri­an from Con­struct Ar­cade