This is what we call Construct Arcade.


We’re so hap­py you are here! It means you found what we en­vi­sion to be the place to play and pub­lish im­mer­sive web games; VR games that you can play in your brows­er.

This place is here to en­able small de­vel­op­ers make small games and give the games vi­a­bil­i­ty and vis­i­bil­i­ty. You don’t need to man­u­al­ly down­load or in­stall any­thing here, try­ing a new game is just a click away.

We be­lieve that bring­ing all gam­ing and game de­vel­op­ment with­in the im­mer­sive web to­geth­er in­to a sin­gle fo­cused place is a huge op­por­tu­ni­ty for an amaz­ing com­mu­ni­ty to emerge.

A com­mu­ni­ty of im­mer­sive web pi­o­neers!

It is our priv­iledge to be work­ing on this project and we hope you will help us grow it. We wish you en­joy your stay and have pa­tience with us un­til we get the first games run­ning.

If you are a de­vel­op­er, your game would be greate­ly ap­pre­ci­at­ed on Con­struct Ar­cade, see the pub­lish­ing page for more in­for­ma­tion on why and how to pub­lish­ing your game here.

We look for­ward to an amaz­ing fu­ture with you,

Jonathan and Flo­ri­an.