Coil on Construct Arcade

Ev­er since the re­lease of Barista Ex­press, we have re­al­ized more and more that mon­e­ti­za­tion on the web was not a triv­ial prob­lem to tack­le, yet is cru­cial for this ecosys­tem’s growth.

One of the great ways to sup­port con­tent cre­ators is em­bed­ding non-in­tru­sive ads in­to your We­b­VR games. Thanks to Won­der­leap, we are run­ning ads in Barista Ex­press and Iron Rails.

In ad­di­tion to ads, we are an­nounc­ing our sup­port for Coil on Con­struct Ar­cade. If you want to use Coil, set­ting it up is done in a few sim­ple steps:

1) Create a coil account

We be­gin by cre­at­ing a Coil ac­count at

Af­ter en­ter­ing your cre­den­tials and agree­ing to Coil’s Terms of Ser­vice, you will re­ceive a con­fir­ma­tion email for your Coil ac­count. Con­firm it and you will be redi­rect­ed to the ex­plore page.

2) Setup creator account

On the ex­plore page, click on “Start cre­at­ing”.

This will prompt you to en­ter some more in­for­ma­tion, con­tin­ue un­til you reach the pay­out se­lec­tion page shown be­low.

3) Select your payout option

You can set­up any of the sup­port­ed pay­out op­tions for web mon­e­ti­za­tion you like, but for sim­plic­i­ty’s sake we are us­ing XRP­Tip­bot in this tu­to­ri­al. Press the “Set­up” but­ton un­der XRP­Tip­bot to pro­ceed.

4) Get your meta tags

We are al­most done. For the last step, click on your ac­count’s pro­file icon in the top-right cor­ner in any page on Coil and click on Set­tings. In the set­tings page, click on “Mon­e­tize con­tent” and there should be your unique meta tag. It should look some­thing like this:

<meta name="monetization" content="${YOUR_UNIQUE_ID}">

Al­ter­na­tive­ly, you can al­so click on this link to view your meta tag:­tings/mon­e­tize:

All done! You can now in­clude your meta tag in your con­tent and mon­e­tize it with Coil.

5) Submit your game to Construct Arcade

If you are sub­mit­ting a new game, you can in­clude your Coil meta tag in your sub­mis­sions on the Sub­mis­sion form or you can shoot us an email at pub­lish@con­struc­tar­ to add it to your game.

If your game is al­ready on Con­struct Ar­cade and you want to set­up a Coil tag for it, you should al­so con­tact us via the email ad­dress above.

We hope this in­cen­tivizes more peo­ple to do the sim­ple set­up process and use Coil in their games in the fu­ture.

Thanks for read­ing,

Flo­ri­an from Con­struct Ar­cade