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Chicken and Egg

Hey there, and wel­come to this emp­ty place.

To­day I want to talk about the ele­phant in the room: Con­struct Ar­cade pos­es it­self as “the place to play and pub­lish im­mer­sive web games”, a plat­form that prom­ises a good time with many games and a great au­di­ence for de­vel­op­ers.

Yet, the “launch line­up” con­sist of four games!?

Do you re­mem­ber the be­gin­nings of com­pa­ra­ble plat­forms? Prob­a­bly not, ex­cept if you were co­in­ci­den­tal­ly one of the first on those plat­forms, too—or it’s cre­ator. The be­gin­nings are rarely re­mem­bered, since ob­vi­ous­ly the ma­jor­i­ty of peo­ple will join when oth­er peo­ple al­ready joined: there is on­ly ten first ten who knew the com­mu­ni­ty when it had ten or less mem­bers.

Though, as a de­vel­op­er, you will see lit­tle ben­e­fit in join­ing a near emp­ty plat­form. This is why the first four games were made by our team at Vhite Rab­bit and more will fol­low once Con­struct Ar­cade is sta­ble. We will con­tin­ue un­til de­vel­op­ers be­lieve in the fu­ture of this plat­form and be­yond, we en­joy mak­ing games our­selves!

Ad­di­tion­al­ly, we’re ac­tive­ly con­tact­ing de­vel­op­ers that al­ready made and re­leased games. If you did and we haven’t con­tact­ed you yet, please do con­tact us. If your game is pub­lic, we will hope­ful­ly find it and con­tact you even­tu­al­ly oth­er­wise.

With that, time is our friend, have pa­tience with us and stick around! Best way to do that is to signup for our news­let­ter and cre­ate an ac­count on the Con­struct Ar­cade Fo­rums.

Have an amaz­ing day,

Jonathan from Con­struct Ar­cade.