Barista Express Released

“Barista Ex­press” is fi­nal­ly here! With it we try to push the scope of cur­rent VR brows­er game projects.

Cre­at­ing big­ger VR brows­er games is a risk out of a cou­ple of rea­sons. Tech­ni­cal­ly, the VR brows­er APIs are chang­ing fast. Code may stop work­ing, forc­ing you to spend time on up­dat­ing it. A sec­ond risk is that of mar­ket. On­ly few ac­tu­al­ly play VR games in the brows­er or even know that is a thing! If you are read­ing this, you can count your­self as part of a group of pi­o­neers.

This is a chick­en and egg prob­lem: If there are no VR brows­er games, why would any­body play any and if no­body plays them, why would any­body make them. We are here to break the cir­cle.

With­out fur­ther ado:

While the game has been playtest­ed a lot, we will make sure to con­tin­ue bal­anc­ing out the lev­els in the up­com­ing week. You will prob­a­bly al­so find bugs in which case you would help us a lot by re­port­ing them in the com­ments be­low the game.

To help oth­er de­vel­op­ers in­crease the size of their own projects, we will share the ex­pe­ri­ence we gained while work­ing on this game in up­com­ing tech­ni­cal blog posts. Fol­low us on so­cial me­dia and sub­scribe to our news­let­ter to stay up to date. We re­al­ly hope you en­joy the game.

Have an awe­some time in Barista Ex­press,

Jonathan and Flo­ri­an of Con­struct Ar­cade