Barista Express – Coming Soon!

“Barista Ex­press”—pre­vi­ous­ly “Cof­fee Game”— lets you make cof­fee and serve cus­tomers in your own lit­tle café. From the start it was meant to stretch the scope of cur­rent VR brows­er games both tech­ni­cal­ly and in terms of com­plex­i­ty.

As We­bXR, the tech­nol­o­gy which al­lows VR games to run in the brows­er, is still in flux, there is a lot of risk in­volved with build­ing larg­er projects. Risk, that many com­pa­nies are not yet will­ing to take, even though quite a bit of it is mit­i­gat­ed by frame­works like A-Frame.

While our last blog post went in­to a more tech­ni­cal top­ic, this one will pre­view some fea­tures of the game to give you some­thing to look for­ward to.

Making Coffee

Ful­fill­ing a cus­tomer’s or­der, a cap­puc­ci­no for ex­am­ple, will re­quire you to – you guessed it! – make cof­fee.

In this case you need to steam milk, fresh­ly grind cof­fee and ex­tract an espres­so. Fi­nal­ly, pour the steamed milk in­to the cup and serve!


Cus­tomers will put you un­der pres­sure a bit. In­spired by games like “Cook, Serve, De­li­cious!” and “Over­cooked”, they have lim­it­ed pa­tience.

If you ful­fill the or­ders quick­ly enough you might even get a tip, though!


Play through a cam­paign of 20 lev­els with in­creas­ing dif­fi­cul­ty.

With each one you un­lock new cof­fee based bev­er­ages that will com­pli­cate cus­tomer’s or­ders… one white choco­late moc­ca please!

Relase Date

We can­not wait to get “Barista Ex­press” in­to your head­set as of the 12th of April! 1

For us it feels like a great step for­ward for VR brows­er games and are look­ing for­ward to get­ting your feed­back.

If you want to cov­er or re­view the game, re­quest an ear­ly press link per email.